Collegiate Strength and Conditioning coaches and the world of business rarely cross paths. Selling memberships, packages, personal training, etc. is left to our private sector colleagues. While many collegiate S&C coaches are thankful to be void of such pressures, it does not mean we should turn a blind eye to the methods and philosophies of some of the world’s most successful businesses. I was recently made aware of a TED Talk by Simon Sinek (shown above). Sinek outlines a simple, yet brilliant, strategy to run a successful business. The approach is unique, void of technical jargon and full of psychological common sense. While being a valuable approach to business, it also speaks to many other industries. I found it to beautifully encapsulate the characteristics of a successful coach. Sinek sparks a new way to look at branding. As collegiate S&C coaches, we cater to a customer base of 18-22 year old women and men that want to know WHY well before knowing WHAT. With some minor adjustments, Sinek’s Golden Circle can be applied to strength and conditioning and, in turn, improve your coaching brand.

Golden Circle 2

The Golden Circle depicts how the strategy is set-up. Most individuals work from the outside of the circle towards the middle. Sinek contends that success most surely comes by starting in the middle of the circle and working outward. As an example, he explains how Apple has been successful, where other computer companies have failed. That example prompted me to re-think my branding approach, with the following being how I would now sell my program:

I believe training can be used to improve your ability to perform in your sport. I believe that consistently exposing your mind to a variety of physical challenges can not only transform you from a malleable metal to a diamond cut, but also prepare you to lead. Training denotes a mission, a tool that, if used correctly, can reduce your chance to experience an injury, allow you to reach your athletic potential, and negate the limiting factors of size, strength, power, speed, agility, mobility, and stability in order to fully unleash the skills that have earned you a position on this team. I will always put my passion first and make the sacrifices necessary in the continued journey towards coaching supremacy. As the benefactor of such coaching, I simply ask that you match this passion every day. We will sprint, push, pull, jump, throw, and build a team of those who will know nothing but to lead. I am your strength and conditioning coach, are you ready to get started?


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